“I am very pleased to say – I received my results on Friday 16:00 – and I PASSED!!!!!!

I have now passed my final exam during my journey in becoming a Chartered Accountant!!!!

I would not have been able to do this without your guidance; assistance; motivation and the techniques that you taught me during our sessions!

The following techniques really helped me:
1) The Genius Exercise.
2) The Plan of Action E-mails with the summery of all the conclusions sent to me after each of our sessions.
3) Power Session: Self Esteem vs. Self Confidence.
4) Helping me with understanding and addressing “My all or nothing thinking” – and helping me in giving myself permission to relax and take the required study breaks.
5) Helping me realize that this is just “another test” (Not the end of the world) and that I can in fact do this!
6) Exam day and study simulations – helping me to have a “vision” of the exam day, venue, how to handle stress on the day, and how to handle what could go wrong.
7) Developing a plan of action to study for the exam, taking breaks, what to do during study leave, and what to do on exam day.
8) And finally helping me in my journey to pass this test!
Thank you very much!!!! Wouldn’t have been able to do this without your guidance and coaching!”

-Mordie Kruger, Internal Auditor,
March 2011

Testimonial about our personalised Breakthrough Coaching Programme