Once-off sessions to shift and break through obstacles

During a Break-Through Session or programme, we focus on the difference that would make all the difference to your current situation. We focus on what’s happened in your world since we last met. The sessions are usually once-off, or can be packaged for cost effectiveness, and there is no set structure to the programme of sessions.

When would Breakthrough Coaching be appropriate?

  • When you need a sounding board who is objective and outside the situation you find yourself in
  • When you have a very specific outcome, like needing to make a challenging decision, or an important presentation
  • When you prefer less structure
  • When you need assistance with dealing with a crisis
  • When you would like to solidify your learnings after experiencing a full coaching programme
  • When you need to prepare yourself mentally for a performance, or an exam
  • When you want to clear your head about a conflict situation and work through the issues
I, Telana, offer breakthrough sessions, and sometimes they are very topic specific.

Agenda Coaching

These breakthrough sessions are topic specific, and involve some training and then personal coaching around the topic for integration into your life.

Topics include:

  • Self Esteem vs. Self Confidence to increase one’s self esteem and confidence
  • Taking Responsibility to empowerment self and others, promoting accountability
  • Art of Handling Emotions -the theory of emotions being signals to develop state management skills that will increase both the your IQ and EQ
  • Outcome Session for setting goals
  • Intentionality- the difference between intention and attention and how to do things with sense of purpose
  • Accessing Relaxed Alertness to handle stress
  • Leadership Criteria Benchmarks to develop leadership abilities
  • Developing Genius to concentrate your powers of focus and handle interruptions easily
  • Perceptual Positions Taking on different perspectives to a problem relationship
  • Communication Basics so you have an understanding of how we communicate as humans and process information
  • Rapport building skills to be able to establish rapport with any person, at any moment given time
  • Figuring out People- Thinking Styles and how they influence Communication
  • Selling – Refine your ability to sell, develop your self perception as a sales person, and clarify the meanings you give to selling
  • There is no failure, only feedback – Develop the skills of giving and receiving feedback, using benchmarks of these concepts
  • Questioning skills- Learn about the Meta-Model of Language in NLP designed to bring more specific details to, and challenge distortions in, a persons model of the world.
  • and more.