How the way we compare data and information affects communication

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Written by Telana Simpson Frames of Mind– Part 3 We’ve been exploring Frames of Mind that are common, especially in the work place, and how they effect communication. We looked at the preferred size of information people use when communicating and reasoning in Part 1, and the frames of mind about dealing with instructions in Part 2. The last frame of mind in this series that I’d like to share with you is about how we work with and compare data and information. […]

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Experience “experience” to change your life

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Written by Telana Simpson “And… Action!” A movie only starts to become real when the word “action” is shouted and everything moves into motion. The actors start the dialogue, the special effects guys add the puff of smoke, the lighting crew adjust the lights as necessary, and the camera people zoom in their lenses. What results is the final product and end goal of recording a piece of entertainment that we get to enjoy. […]

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Which levels of Change are you ready for?

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Written by Telana Simpson If you have that uneasy feeling, that something just is not right, and that a change is needed, then the question to ask yourself is: What kind of change do I need, and am I ready for that change now? […]

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Inner Coaching’s Style of Coaching

By |Mar 9th, 2012|Articles|

The Methodology of Coaching used by Inner Coaching is Meta-Coaching™ – a cutting edge coach technology which brings together the very best from the cognitive-behavioural sciencefields of Neuro-Semantics® (NS), Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP) and from the field of Coaching. […]

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