How to have a difficult conversation with your Child

By |Mar 25th, 2016|Articles|

When a writer for a magazine asked me to comment on an article she was writing about having difficult conversations with your child, the scenario she put forward brought up my own memory of a similar situation I had with a cute boy and my mother. As I put on my daughter hat, and with hindsight all these years later, the pointers I am about to share would have saved me a lot of fuss and years of wondering about ‘what could have been’. And it might have helped me to learn my own lessons about intimate relationships a lot sooner. […]

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The Power of saying NO!

By |May 21st, 2014|Articles|

Written by Telana Simpson How do you feel about the word “no”? It’s just a two lettered word. However it has a lot of power in it – such power that its use has often been tabooed. How frequently do we say “yes” to a request of our time and/or resources, when we really wanted or needed to say “no”? And we said “yes” rather than “no” because we didn’t want to hurt that persons feelings, or we think it’s rude to say no, or its shows that we don’t care if we say no etc. There are a myriad of beliefs behind why so many people don’t have permission to say no. […]

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From people pleasing to self confidence

By |Sep 16th, 2013|Articles|

Written by Telana Simpson Are you very aware of others and how they feel or might be experiencing an event? Do you crave feedback and especially encouragement from your boss or loved one? Do you feel compelled to people please, often at your own expense? Then you might be running an “others” style of referencing. If on the other hand you are a fairly independent person, who does a lot of autonomous thinking and prefers less supervision, you might be more self-orientated. You’ll notice that you find it easy to make decisions by yourself. And sometimes others will think that you are oblivious to the outside world as you tend to be ‘inside’ yourself quite often. […]

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