Emotions are a critical part of being human.  And they are just emotions.

They are important signals that tell us when there is a difference between what we wanted, hoped for, or expected, and what reality gave us.

They tell us when to keep going (and we label these the “positive” emotions). And they indicate when we need to stop, change direction, or make some adjustment (these are the “negative” emotions; negative because we experience them as uncomfortable in our bodies, and because they mean we need to pay attention and make a change).

Dr Heidi Grant Halvorson shares in this short clip three things from neuro-science related to managing our emotions, that can help us deal with our strong negative emotions, when they are overwhelming us:

  1. Labeling the emotion – name it.
  2. Reappraisal of what’s going on.
  3. Take the jerk’s perspective.

Listen to learn how these three strategies can help you gain more mastery over your emotional life, diminishing the anger, fear, anxiety you might be experiencing.