Some days, the world’s problems seem too much. They weigh heavy on my shoulders, and the darkness feels palpable and unbearable.

I’ve had those times too where the pain I’ve seen and heard about in my exploring of what’s possible, led me to breakdown in tears, feeling like I was closing down in a pit of despair.

I’ve been fortunate though to have found a way to reached out, and come across a book, a poem, a glimpse of humanity at its finest, that helped me pull myself towards myself to crawl out the pit in the days that followed.

I’ve been thankful to witness the brave people standing out and speaking up to change things. And I’ve been (and still am!) so profoundly grateful for the hours learning from the wisdom of mentors, and lightening up from their sense of humour.

And it’s been at those times of searching that somehow a spark of light opened a way forward. Glimmers of hope started growing again. And it’s been from the deep conversations that counted that a new perspective has opened me up again.

It’s been these sought after encounters that helped me to develop the inner strength to carry on, and the courage to fine-tune my own contribution that I work towards adding to the world, to help myself and others grow for our highest good.

And it’s been through this journey that I came across, and continue to go back to, this collection of videos. For me they inspire the good, the beautiful and the grace within humanity.

They encourage me and help me realign to where I want to stand. And more light enters my path. I smile, I laugh, and I start dancing too!

I share them here, my five favourite feel good video clips about humanity, so you too in your
dark moments, may remember that there is light. You just need to turn to face it.

And that you too may keep finding your way to grow the good and light in the world.

And I hope it will bring your courage out more, so that I will find you next to me, on the battle field, doing our bit to help the world overcome its challenges, and move towards what is positively possible!

And, using the words of Lee Ann Womack, “when you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance!”


How to Age Gracefully, from CBC Radio WireTap

Love Has No Labels | Diversity & Inclusion | Ad Council

The Dancing Nana

Where the hell is Matt?

Whalesong – Optus

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