Coaching might be for you if you want to step up, into your power and take responsibility for your own actualisation, for actualising of your best. This means that you feel you are ready to and really want to:

  • develop unconditional self esteem, value and worth
  • get on with things, to look for what needs to be done and do it
  • be proactive
  • initiate action
  • think through decisions
  • continuously question and learn
  • identify your values, visions and dreams and stand up for them
  • pursue your goals
  • bounce back from set-backs
  • keep awakening your resources
  • keep accessing new strengths
  • boldly make decisions and follow through on them
  • turn new leanings into habits
  • make yourself accountable to others
  • operate as a great team player
  • work with and through others
  • allow others to hold you accountable, and search for and build structures of accountability

You will know when you are ready for coaching, especially the Coaching offered here at Inner Coaching, when you have any of these characteristics:

  • You are unable to act on what you know.
    Do you know more than you do? Do you know lots of ways to improve the quality of your work or life and yet for all that intelligence and wisdom you still can’t pull it off?
  • You keep experiencing the same problems year after year.
    Are you overflowing with lots of good advice for solving a difficulty and yet the same problem continues to recur?
  • You feel controlled by something that you can’t specify.
    Do you feel “played” by some known or unknown game that keeps putting you through the same pattern over and over? Does it seem that no matter what you do, the “system” seems to be plotting against you? (Whether the system is your work, family, body, etc.)
  • Your attempted solutions only make the problem worse.
    Does a way of thinking, feeling, or acting keep repeating itself and when you fight it, it gets stronger as if it resists being defeated?
  • You find yourself going round and round in circles.
    Do you feel that you’re just going round in circles trying to find better solutions for developing better habits in leading, negotiating, managing, eating, exercising, relating, succeeding, etc.?
  • Over time you experience increasingly diminishing returns.
    Do you find that you have one or more patterns that the longer you use it becomes less and less useful or less and less effective?

So are you ready for Inner Coaching’s Coaching? You are, if you are willing to:

  • think ahead, and take initiative, in your own growth and development
  • assume full responsibility and accountability for your actions
  • accept full responsibility for your happiness, mood, emotions and states
  • stand up for your values and principles
  • continuously question, explore, and expand your possibility thinking
  • plan for new changes and transformations
  • apply truths, principles, insights to yourself
  • proactively approach your relationships
  • discern what you are responsible for and whom you are responsible to
  • access and awaken new resources
  • keep expanding your problem solving skills
  • regularly step back, evaluate where you are, get accurate feedback and then make adjustments
  • put in the energy and time and seek assistance, and do a fair exchange for that assistance (i.e. willing to and have the means to pay for hiring a coach)

If you are ready for coaching, then there is just one more question to ask. How high is your coach-ability?