Coaching is a one-on-one solution focused, outcome orientated, collaborative partnership where you and your Coach spend time focusing on just you – you, your life, challenges, skill levels and dreams. With this focus on you and your personal development, you will experience having someone there who believes in you, listens to you, doesn’t judge you, and totally supports you. You will develop holistically in that you work not only with your mind, body, actions, and behaviours, but also with your feelings, beliefs and higher levels of your mind.

The heart of Coaching is about choice. It’s about choices in your life and making those choices.

You may choose to work on your vision, values, and your own life agenda so you live with and on purpose.

You may decide to move away from your current stressors in your life. Or focusing on co-creating, with your Coach, your own new way of living with the frames of mind and beliefs that enhance your every day experience would be your outcome.

You may prefer to close the gap between what you know and what you do. Or to create a higher and more skilled performance in an area you are passionate about (like sports performance, writing a book, etc.) or within your career (i.e. managing, customer service, sales, being creative etc).

Or you may wish to focus on taking steps to remove those things that worry you in your life. Perhaps you’d like to become and feel masterful in mind, emotion, body and spirit. You may even opt to concentrate on overcoming any obstacles or excuses holding you back.

“In 1999 Coaching became the second fastest growing industry in the world. The probability is that you are already inspired by the many benefits of having your very own Professional Coach who will accelerate, support, and challenge you in unleashing your personal best in performance and development. No longer is Coaching reserved just for top athletes or Fortune 500 CEOs. Ordinary men and women are now achieving exceptional growth, achievements, and success from Personal and Executive Coaching.” – L. Michael Hall, Ph.D., Michelle Duval, Master Coach

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