Conversations that Count, with Telana Simpson: Ep 1

Telana introduces the ‘Let’s Talk Communication’ podcast with her manifesto, sharing what she means by conversations that count, and her hopes about what that these types of conversations will bring about.






My Manifesto

Could we change the world by changing the type of conversations we have?

What if we were to have more of the type of conversations that are full of meaning and purpose, that shift things forward, that help us and others grow.

I call these conversations, the ones that count. So let’s talk Communication

Conversations that count

The conversations that count are the ones that usually excite us, keep us up till late at night, talking until the wee hours of the morning. These are the conversations that we enjoy, that leave us inspired and hopeful and energised and wanting more of them.

Conversations that count are also the ones that we fear – that we know we need to have and if we muster up enough courage, we feel our knees shake as we start to have them.

The ones like telling someone that we love them, or that we’re leaving them, or where we need to put up a boundary, or break one down. The moments when we need to apologise for making a mistake, or ask for help. The ones where we are lost and don’t understand, and want to seek guidance.  The conversations that require vulnerability and strength.

The conversations that count are also the ones where we lead out and step up. Where we go first and show the way. These are the times when we need to disagree with those in charge and stand up to injustice and blind intolerances. Or when we need to go against the status quo because we know it’s time for something different and new. It’s time to evolve.

Conscious Conversations

We need more people having these conscious conversations and consciously choosing to have these meaningful discussions.

I believe that we need more conversations that count in this world today.

Which means that we need to get real. Be truthful. Open. Vulnerable and authentic.

And to do that we might need to develop our skills and ourselves, so that we can understand each other more and work together for our greater good, to create a better way forward for ourselves and the world.

My Hope

My hope is that we can share our knowledge abundantly, and not hide it or protect it. That we can become bakers of pies and not just pie eaters.

I hope that we can develop more compassion and tolerance, and not more hatred, racism, sexism or war. Let’s build bridges, and not keep dividing ourselves by building walls.

I hope we can learn from others and their perspectives and world views, and not become defensive, or closed minded.

That we can increase our creativity and problem solving ability, and not keep doing the same thing that isn’t working. Let’s take risks, be open to trying new things and experimenting, rather than fearing change, staying stuck in one way of thinking and being and doing.

I hope we can find a way to co-operate more, and compete less. And that we can find a way to be strong within our selves, own our fallibility and our voices and speak up confidently. And not take things personally, being aggressive and living in fear and panic.

Let’s discuss and learn from each other, and do this more willingly than debate and argue and defend to make the other wrong and us right.

And let’s lead and follow consciously, a stop following blindly.


To do this, to live this way in communion with others, these types of conversations will ask of us to develop some skills and some inner strength, so that we can really talk with one another and build relationships.

That is what Let’s Talk Communication is about.

My Aim

I aim to help bright talented people, like you, have no regrets in life from having the conversations that count for you. I aim to show you how to do this by learning about effective communication skills to improve your relationships and your ability to lead others.

Tune in every two weeks as I share key strategies to help you have the conversations that you need to have in your life in order to grow.

Through this podcast show I too am embarking further on my own journey to develop my ability to be real and authentic in this world, to find and share my voice, and develop my ability to communicate and relate to the people in my life and my work.

And I invite you to join me on this journey.

I’ll be learning from others – people like you and me, people who inspire me because they have developed some skill in some area, or have had an experience worth sharing so that we can learn from it.

These are people who are having conversations that count so that we can learn about those important issues of today and find out how they are able to have those meaningful conversations and create connections in their lives. Because these skills and mindsets are allowing them to lead out and regularly impact the world in wonderfully positive and inspiring ways.

So please join me on this journey of exploration and growth.

Let’s Talk Communication so we can have those meaningful conversations – the ones that count!

Telana Simpson

More about Telana

Phone: +27837302979
Email: communication at innercoaching dot co dot za

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