The Art of the Arrow

Nick Christelis on Leadership Communication Skills : Episode 19

Nick Christelis, with over 30 years of global consulting experience and many lessons in leadership, talks about his book, “The Art of the Arrow: How Leaders Fly”, and shares his knowledge on leadership and communication skills with Telana.  They cover topics like: the distinction between Management and Leadership communication and story telling feedback skills conflict management skills rapport listening dialogue circles, master minding and conversation cafe case study examples like Nando’s, the Robyn Island Prison system, Government discussions and his own life. Podcast:…

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Finding Yourself in Prison, with Karina Andersen : Ep 3

We’re all in some sort of prison. Being curious, non-judgemental, and listening and sharing stories of our lives and struggles, triumphs and challenges, we can be more open to opportunities to grow, and to contribute positively to those around us. Karina Anderson shares how she found more of herself from working with prisoners, and how the inmates are also finding themselves and reintegrating with society, impacting their communities positively. In Karina’s words: “I am exactly where I am meant to…

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