We’re all in some sort of prison. Being curious, non-judgemental, and listening and sharing stories of our lives and struggles, triumphs and challenges, we can be more open to opportunities to grow, and to contribute positively to those around us.

Karina Anderson shares how she found more of herself from working with prisoners, and how the inmates are also finding themselves and reintegrating with society, impacting their communities positively.

In Karina’s words:

“I am exactly where I am meant to be. I embrace myself in all that is dark and limited within me, and the light goes on. Only when I have met myself fully can I meet you fully. I smile as I see me in you, and you in me. We live peacefully.”




About Karina Andersen:

My mother said to me:

“If you become a soldier, you’ll be a General; if you become a monk, you’ll end up as the Pope.” Instead I became a painter and wound up as Picasso.” Picasso

( This quote sums up my journey perfectly ; ) )

Karina Anderson with her familyI am here to create and innovate. I partner with my clients on exciting paths of living into their Authentic Self. I am a catalyst and deeply passionate about shaping Change Agents. I work with Individuals & Teams, Companies and their Executives as well as Communities who are keen to transform from deep within, keen to impact their environments positively and to work consciously on the share they own in the wellbeing of the whole – operating in an abundant exchange – unlocking potential!

I have worked intensively in the Western Cape, South Africa the past 8+ years where I put SmilingOne to sea and set its sails as one of my big Ships of Intentions. It has been remarkable to experience the many harbours visited and new areas that have been discovered. In the process I have written the book (manual) ‘The Responsible Individual (TRI) – a personal values-based leadership program’ – and developed ‘The Circle of Change (COC) Approach’ in which I educate Facilitators. We have left a trail of change both in the corporate world as well as in some of the most challenged communities in the country (like our prisons) – and we aim to do so much more!

On my 2015 Horizon is:

  1. my happy family, my two kids Daniel (19) & Nathalie (16) are my greatest mentors and their happiness is my happiness
  2. listening deeply to where my journey takes me… being ‘the river’. I have experienced continuously that I simply can’t dream as big as it gets ; )
  3. my continuous expansion of my guidance toolbox, learning and stretching myself to continuously offer first class guidance
  4. developing a SmilingOne Change Agent Resource Centre which is a natural expansion of our COC approach – I open myself to partnerships

CHANGE AGENTS IN COC EDUCATIONKarina Anderson, with a Prisoner

My heart beats proudly and strong for our SmilingOne prison process. This is where it all began in 2008 – our first Circle of Sharing…

I remember my first visit in 2007 to Brandvlei Maximum. 16 Men curious and at the same time scared – what will this unknown process bring. I am smiling as I really had no idea how huge this would become – a seed planted in one of our most challenged environment in South Africa. HUGE because it touches so deeply and shifts us from the core. We move from limited lanes of fear on our highways of life into a full spectrum of awareness, always leaving the door open for more. It changes lives and it inspires love and healing wherever you turn to. Hearts healed radiate light and create platforms for others to invite change into their lives…

These truly special Men are living ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’. These Men are Leaders of a different kind. Gentle Giants, guided by their Hearts and inviting you to be guided by yours. It is a privilege to walk amongst these Men, to guide and be guided.

What is COC Education? … It is a life long commitment to your Heart. A journey of learning and growth never ends…

Contact and Info:

Email: Karina Andersen on karina at smilingone dot com

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(Image of jail courtesy of sakhorn38 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net)