conversations that count

Conscious Communication and the Media, with Noy Pullen

How do we develop the the faculty of discernment and the ability to communicate consciously? Telana had a conversation that counts with Noy Pullen sitting alongside her fireplace in Cape Town.  They talk about the written word and media, including newspapers and magazines, and how we can notice the force behind the media we consume, and how it may trigger us and allow us to go within to develop our inner resources and take responsibility for our growth.  They also cover…

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Gender quality issues today

A conversation about feminism and gender equality, with Desray Clark : Episode 17

As an example of a conversation that counts, Telana invited Desray Clark, a women’s leadership development specialist, to talk about the topic of feminism today. They cover how being a feminist has been misconstrued and how the movement has impacted some of the challenges we face today in terms of gender equality.  They explore the conversations both men and women need to be having, and how we can have more of these conversations.  What are the skills we need, and…

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Having conversations that count

Conversations that Count, with Telana Simpson: Ep 1

Telana introduces the ‘Let’s Talk Communication’ podcast with her manifesto, sharing what she means by conversations that count, and her hopes about what that these types of conversations will bring about. Podcast: Audio: Video:     My Manifesto Could we change the world by changing the type of conversations we have? What if we were to have more of the type of conversations that are full of meaning and purpose, that shift things forward, that help us and others grow.…

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Let’s have more courageous conversations that count.
Let’s Talk Communication

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