Why so emotional? With Telana Simpson

Why we need emotions in boardrooms, with Telana Simpson Podcast: Telana shares an article as a starting point to discuss what emotions are, and why they are so useful for teams to resolve conflicts. A boardroom that embraces healthy expressions of emotions, is a boardroom – and team – that thrives. What do you think? >> Read the article here. Audio: Video: About Telana: Telana is a Courage Coach and author who helps talented individuals have no regrets in life…

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Finding your Authentic Leadership Voice, with Dion Johnson

Finding your Authentic Leadership Voice, with Dion Johnson Podcast: What does it mean to be authentic? And to authentically show up and speak up, especially in the boardroom as a leader? Dion shares her story and views on why it is so important for leaders to find their authentic voices, how to find them, and to then use them in this revolution that the world is desperately waiting for, where we use our authenticity and voice to make a difference.…

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Communication Skills for Leaders

Communication Skills for Leaders, with Brand Pretorius : Episode 15

Brand Pretorius is an accomplished communicator, marketer and leader. Telana joined Brand to discuss what he learnt from his years of leading organisations in the motor industry, specifically about effective communication skills for leading others and sitting on Executive Boards. They cover feedback skills, dealing with conflict, how to confront others, the value of listening, public speaking and how credibility is a critical component to effective leadership and communication. Podcast: Audio: Video: About Brand Pretorius: Brand Pretorius attained his M.Com degree…

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