Public Speaking

Mojo and Courage, with Simon Ekin

Mojo and Courage, with Simon Ekin Podcast: In this candid conversation, join Telana as she dives deep into the realms of mojo, courage, authenticity, and storytelling with the remarkable Simon Ekin, otherwise known as Si. Discover the secrets behind unlocking your inner mojo, understanding its relationship with courage, and rediscovering the power of being true to yourself. Si’s free gift at 1 hour 10 mins in: Find out your Mojo rating in 2 mins: Audio: Video: About Simon Ekin:…

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Communication Skills for Leaders

Communication Skills for Leaders, with Brand Pretorius : Episode 15

Brand Pretorius is an accomplished communicator, marketer and leader. Telana joined Brand to discuss what he learnt from his years of leading organisations in the motor industry, specifically about effective communication skills for leading others and sitting on Executive Boards. They cover feedback skills, dealing with conflict, how to confront others, the value of listening, public speaking and how credibility is a critical component to effective leadership and communication. Podcast: Audio: Video: About Brand Pretorius: Brand Pretorius attained his M.Com degree…

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Racing Motorbike

Expressing ourselves in challenging environments, with SAspeedqueen Wilmarie – Episode 14

Wilmarie Janse van Rensburg is a force to be reckoned with in the field of motorsport in South Africa, and is known as the SAspeedqueen.  Using the context of her achievements in motorsport and business, Wilmarie shares her lessons that she learnt from racing on the track, that can be translated into life and business skills, and specifically in how we express ourselves in challenging environments.  She covers with Telana topics like speaking up, focus and passion, assertiveness, finding inner strength and…

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How to handle TV & Radio interviews

Developing Media Communication Skills, with Marion Scher : Episode 12

Marion Scher, award-winning journalist and media trainer, believes that Mmusi Maimane (leader of one of South Africa’s political parties, the Democratic Alliance) is a master of communication. Telana unpacks with her Maimane’s communication skills, and also explores the skills needed to handle speaking in the media – on radio and TV – effectively. They also touch on interviewing skills, and the power of storytelling to get people’s attention, especially online. The article written by Marion Scher about Mmusi Maimane: Mmusi Maimane…

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Guy Kawasaki shares his view on confronting others

Guy Kawasaki on Confronting Others – Ep 9

Guy Kawasaki is known for his directness, and his success in getting his point across in keynote talks, as an author, and a venture capitalist. Telana asks him to share about the skill of pitching an idea, and why feedback, especially negative criticism, is so important and useful, even if it feels confronting to the other person. Links referred to in the show include: Podcast: Audio: Video: About Guy Kawasaki: Guy Kawasaki is the chief evangelist…

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Tony amongst a Hemp Plantation

Communication Skills of a Trailblazer, with Tony Budden : Ep 8

Tony Budden is trailblazing! He is pioneering the Hemp industry, and following on from his chat with Telana and the team at Let’s Talk Possibility about industrial hemp, Telana hears from Tony the latest news about bringing hemp to South Africa, and the world, and also explores the skills he has personally developed to be the trailblazer he is. They cover, amongst other things: talking from the heart, listening, adjusting your message to different audiences, and being authentic and congruent…

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