Mojo and Courage, with Simon Ekin


In this candid conversation, join Telana as she dives deep into the realms of mojo, courage, authenticity, and storytelling with the remarkable Simon Ekin, otherwise known as Si. Discover the secrets behind unlocking your inner mojo, understanding its relationship with courage, and rediscovering the power of being true to yourself.

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About Simon Ekin:

Simon Ekin has been a life, leadership, business coach, trainer and speaker for over 20 years, helping people find, keep and regain their Mojo.

Simon (aka Si) Ekin

His career highlights include:

  • Cycling 13,000km’s from Cape Town to the UK.
  • Five years as a British Army Officer in Kenya, Jordan, Cyprus, Germany and Norway.
  • Coaching hundreds of people to get their Mojo back.
  • Speaking to over 1,000 audiences on the topic of Courage and Mojo.
  • Being a TEDx speaker.
  • Writing the book, The Art of Courage: Debunking the Myth of Courage.

Simon was born in Leamington Spa, England in 1967, the middle of 3 sons of a clergyman father and entrepreneur mother. He was raised in Durban between the ages of 3-10 in Durban where the South African bug bit him, moving back in 2001. He is married with two daughters and lives in Cape Town.

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Telephone: +27 82 565 0765


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