Real conversations are the ones that move things forward in relationships, that cause growth and improvement, and which are the ones that ultimately matter.  In business and in life.

Being able to be authentic and real, to confront (and handle being confronted) when needed, be open and tell the truth, ask for help, even say no and speak up for ourselves, are conversations that many of us find challenging and difficult.

Yet they are the conversations that count.

Telana Simpson helps bright, talented people have no regrets in life by being able to have these meaningful conversations.

Let’s Talk Communication is Telana’s podcast show where she learns how to have these types of conversations, and has some with her guests.

She talks with others to learn more about communicating skills and how to improve relationships, so that more of us can change the world by changing the type of conversations we have.

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About Telana

Telana Simpson is a dynamic transformational Personal Coach who focuses on communicating and relating. She works with people who want to change their lives, specifically to improve their communication skills and relationships and their ability to express themselves verbally, creatively, emotionally and physically. She specialises in self esteem, controlling emotions, overcoming self consciousness and anxiety, handling conflict, fear of confrontation and developing relationships.

She is fascinated by the evolution of enlightenment and consciousness and our ability to create in the world.  And thus she focuses her time on relating, leadership and entrepreneurship projects and studies.

She has been the keynote speaker at events and conferences, and appeared on radio and television, and been interviewed for many magazines and newspapers.  She was a finalist in the 2011 Feather Awards for the “Business Icon & Entrepreneur” category.

Besides coaching and training, Telana is carrying out a trading project where she is trading a matchstick up into an office using the power of networking and the internet and she sat on the board as the Chair of YBSA (Young Business for South Africa) to develop young entrepreneurs and leaders.  She was also the Anchor Host of the show “Let’s Talk Possibility”.

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Let’s have more courageous conversations that count.
Let’s Talk Communication

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