Tips for your first date – Communication styles of men and women, with Bonita – Love Coach

How do men and women communicate differently?  And what’s happening in the world of dating today?  Bonita Grobbelaar, Love Coach, shares with Telana her tips on how to handle first dates, and to understand the different communication styles that show themselves when we are attracted to someone, and wanting to make a good impression.  They cover how to know if the person is into you, the roles men and women play, the dance of masculine and feminine energy, and some…

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Finding Yourself in Prison, with Karina Andersen : Ep 3

We’re all in some sort of prison. Being curious, non-judgemental, and listening and sharing stories of our lives and struggles, triumphs and challenges, we can be more open to opportunities to grow, and to contribute positively to those around us. Karina Anderson shares how she found more of herself from working with prisoners, and how the inmates are also finding themselves and reintegrating with society, impacting their communities positively. In Karina’s words: “I am exactly where I am meant to…

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