Gender quality issues today

A conversation about feminism and gender equality, with Desray Clark : Episode 17

As an example of a conversation that counts, Telana invited Desray Clark, a women’s leadership development specialist, to talk about the topic of feminism today. They cover how being a feminist has been misconstrued and how the movement has impacted some of the challenges we face today in terms of gender equality.  They explore the conversations both men and women need to be having, and how we can have more of these conversations.  What are the skills we need, and…

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People getting thier message across effectively

Useful Beliefs for Effective Communication Skills, with Telana Simpson : Ep 6

Telana Simpson shares some useful ideas and beliefs that help make communication, and our ability to get our message across to others, far more effective.  These are based on the presuppositions of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). Podcast: Audio: Video: About Telana Simpson: Telana is a dynamic, transformational Personal Coach and Blogger who specializes in communicating and relating.  She helps people have no regrets in life by having conversations that count. Contact and Info: Website:  and Email: telana at innercoaching dot…

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