Confrontation skills

Discovering Self Worth, with John Niland

John Niland knew intellectually the distinctions between self-worth, self-esteem and self-confidence, yet he only started living this fundamental discovery after a significantly emotional event. John shares with Telana what he has learn on this journey, and how he discovered his true self worth, and the benefits from this. He also relates how unconditional self-worth is the foundation for courageous conversations. Topics explored in this important episode include: Discovering self worth. How self worth differs to self esteem. Relevance of self…

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Communicating Unwritten Ground Rules, with Steve Simpson

Podcast: How do we discuss something like a corporate culture? And in particular, in a way that we can improve that culture? Steve Simpson explains his concept of ‘Unwritten Ground Rules’ and how it gives leaders the language to develop the culture of their business, so that staff become more productive. Steve and Telana cover in particular how we have conversations that hold people accountable to improve their behaviour, and how to uncover the unwritten ground rules that govern that…

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How to be mentally strong in a crisis, with Daria Tsvenger

Daria Tsvenger is a mindset expert, and shared with Telana Simpson what mental strength is, and how to develop it, especially in a time of crisis, like we find ourselves in today dealing with Covid-19. She covers aspects of ourselves like the flight/fight mode of our brains, procrastination, depression and self awareness. She also explains the difference between inspiration and motivation, and tackles how to have conversations that count, shedding some light on the topic from the neuro-science perspective. Podcast:…

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Avoiding Conflict

Triangles of Victim, Villain and Rescuer in Relationships, with Hazel Kurian

One of our coping strategies to attempt to deal with conflict, is to engage in triangulating in our relationships.  This is where we play the role of usually victim or villain, and bring a third party into the dynamic (the rescuer), and avoid the conflict and confronting the actual person we should be talking to.  Hazel Kurian, Counselling Psychologist shares more about triangles in relationships, and how they work from us being the person doing the triangulating, and from when we…

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Denis Fourie on Networking & Negotiation Skills for Entrepreneurs

Denis Fourie has negotiation skills that range from hostage situations, to billion dollar deals, to with his young daughter.  He also has a knack for networking and taking a business idea from conception to market, and has built and sold many companies successfully.  We discuss the skills involved in relationship building and networking, and in dealing with conflict and negotiating. Podcast: Audio: Video: About Denis Fourie: Denis Carl Fourie was born October 14th, 1976 in Sabie, South Africa. From a…

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Gender quality issues today

A conversation about feminism and gender equality, with Desray Clark : Episode 17

As an example of a conversation that counts, Telana invited Desray Clark, a women’s leadership development specialist, to talk about the topic of feminism today. They cover how being a feminist has been misconstrued and how the movement has impacted some of the challenges we face today in terms of gender equality.  They explore the conversations both men and women need to be having, and how we can have more of these conversations.  What are the skills we need, and…

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