Why so emotional? With Telana Simpson

Why we need emotions in boardrooms, with Telana Simpson Podcast: Telana shares an article as a starting point to discuss what emotions are, and why they are so useful for teams to resolve conflicts. A boardroom that embraces healthy expressions of emotions, is a boardroom – and team – that thrives. What do you think? >> Read the article here. Audio: Video: About Telana: Telana is a Courage Coach and author who helps talented individuals have no regrets in life…

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Avoiding Conflict

Triangles of Victim, Villain and Rescuer in Relationships, with Hazel Kurian

One of our coping strategies to attempt to deal with conflict, is to engage in triangulating in our relationships.  This is where we play the role of usually victim or villain, and bring a third party into the dynamic (the rescuer), and avoid the conflict and confronting the actual person we should be talking to.  Hazel Kurian, Counselling Psychologist shares more about triangles in relationships, and how they work from us being the person doing the triangulating, and from when we…

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Blind Scooter Guy

Communication & Relating Lessons from the Blind Scooter Guy – Episode 18

Are you aware of how much your vision is involved in your ability to communicate?  We take it for granted that part of how we get our messages across to others, is what we gesture and what we communicate through our facial expressions.  Telana speaks with Christopher Venter, who lost his sight in 2014, about what he has learnt from this experience of having lost one of his senses, and specifically his lessons about communication and relating to others.  Topics include being…

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Racing Motorbike

Expressing ourselves in challenging environments, with SAspeedqueen Wilmarie – Episode 14

Wilmarie Janse van Rensburg is a force to be reckoned with in the field of motorsport in South Africa, and is known as the SAspeedqueen.  Using the context of her achievements in motorsport and business, Wilmarie shares her lessons that she learnt from racing on the track, that can be translated into life and business skills, and specifically in how we express ourselves in challenging environments.  She covers with Telana topics like speaking up, focus and passion, assertiveness, finding inner strength and…

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Listening skills are important

How to build relationships with a community, with Emily Vining : Ep 11

Emily Vining is part of a diverse team of the social enterprise Lumkani making a social impact through the development of fire detection technology. Her role is to talk with the communities who use their technology, and by building relationships with them, ensure that they meet the needs and preferences of the end users of their device. Telana explores with her the skills, especially listening, that she uses to build these relationships, and the mindset that allows her to be…

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Feeling free

Mike George on Emotions, Relationships & “I am” : Ep 10

What are emotions? And feelings? And why are we so triggered by relationships?  How do we use our emotions and relationships to understand ourselves more, and grow spiritually?  What does it mean to just be who we are, our authentic self?  To say “I am”?  These are the questions Telana poses to Mike George, the author of several books, who also plays the role of spiritual teacher, coach, management tutor, mentor and facilitator. Podcast: Audio: Video: About Mike George: Mike…

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