Are you aware of how much your vision is involved in your ability to communicate?  We take it for granted that part of how we get our messages across to others, is what we gesture and what we communicate through our facial expressions.  Telana speaks with Christopher Venter, who lost his sight in 2014, about what he has learnt from this experience of having lost one of his senses, and specifically his lessons about communication and relating to others.  Topics include being specific with your choice of words, listening, patience, acceptance and trust.

To hear more about his adventure and story about his challenges, plus a demonstration of the technology solutions assisting the blind to communicate online, see the Let’s Talk Possibility  episode entitled: The Adventures of the Blind Scooter Guy.




About Christopher Venter:

The Blind Scooter Guy

Christopher Venter, the Blind Scooter Guy


Christopher is currently a freelance writer and Accessibility Buddy, helping those becoming blind or having lost their sight suddenly, work through the challenges and use technology to find work and stay engaged with the world. He is also an adventurer and is working on his adventure book, about this trip travelling through Africa on a scooter.

Chris is also a vintage scooter enthusiast, prizing his scooter collection.

His adventures around the globe have included being a chef in exotic places, while scuba diving when ever he could.

He’s also a Blogger, and Petrolhead, and, yes… he is blind.

Read more about him here.

Contact and Info:

Facebook: BlindScooterGuy
Twitter: @BlindScooterGuy