Feedback Skills

The Art of the Arrow

Nick Christelis on Leadership Communication Skills : Episode 19

Nick Christelis, with over 30 years of global consulting experience and many lessons in leadership, talks about his book, “The Art of the Arrow: How Leaders Fly”, and shares his knowledge on leadership and communication skills with Telana.  They cover topics like: the distinction between Management and Leadership communication and story telling feedback skills conflict management skills rapport listening dialogue circles, master minding and conversation cafe case study examples like Nando’s, the Robyn Island Prison system, Government discussions and his own life. Podcast:…

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Blind Scooter Guy

Communication & Relating Lessons from the Blind Scooter Guy – Episode 18

Are you aware of how much your vision is involved in your ability to communicate?  We take it for granted that part of how we get our messages across to others, is what we gesture and what we communicate through our facial expressions.  Telana speaks with Christopher Venter, who lost his sight in 2014, about what he has learnt from this experience of having lost one of his senses, and specifically his lessons about communication and relating to others.  Topics include being…

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Communication Skills for Leaders

Communication Skills for Leaders, with Brand Pretorius : Episode 15

Brand Pretorius is an accomplished communicator, marketer and leader. Telana joined Brand to discuss what he learnt from his years of leading organisations in the motor industry, specifically about effective communication skills for leading others and sitting on Executive Boards. They cover feedback skills, dealing with conflict, how to confront others, the value of listening, public speaking and how credibility is a critical component to effective leadership and communication. Podcast: Audio: Video: About Brand Pretorius: Brand Pretorius attained his M.Com degree…

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Guy Kawasaki shares his view on confronting others

Guy Kawasaki on Confronting Others – Ep 9

Guy Kawasaki is known for his directness, and his success in getting his point across in keynote talks, as an author, and a venture capitalist. Telana asks him to share about the skill of pitching an idea, and why feedback, especially negative criticism, is so important and useful, even if it feels confronting to the other person. Links referred to in the show include: Podcast: Audio: Video: About Guy Kawasaki: Guy Kawasaki is the chief evangelist…

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