Why so emotional? With Telana Simpson

Why we need emotions in boardrooms, with Telana Simpson Podcast: Telana shares an article as a starting point to discuss what emotions are, and why they are so useful for teams to resolve conflicts. A boardroom that embraces healthy expressions of emotions, is a boardroom – and team – that thrives. What do you think? >> Read the article here. Audio: Video: About Telana: Telana is a Courage Coach and author who helps talented individuals have no regrets in life…

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Thinking Courageously, with Vezi Mncwango

Thinking Courageously, with Vezi Mncwango Exploring the Power of Thinking and Courage with Vezi: A Fascinating Journey into Cognition Podcast: Join Telana in a captivating podcast interview with Vezi, an esteemed expert in cognition and thinking, as they explore the profound impact of our thoughts on courage, communication effectiveness, and living our best lives. Vezi shares the origins of his fascination with the human mind and its influence on cognition, leading to his expertise in the field. Vezi provides insights…

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Finding your Authentic Leadership Voice, with Dion Johnson

Finding your Authentic Leadership Voice, with Dion Johnson Podcast: What does it mean to be authentic? And to authentically show up and speak up, especially in the boardroom as a leader? Dion shares her story and views on why it is so important for leaders to find their authentic voices, how to find them, and to then use them in this revolution that the world is desperately waiting for, where we use our authenticity and voice to make a difference.…

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Self Leadership & Courageous Communication, with Andrew Bryant

Self Leadership & Courageous Communication, with Andrew Bryant What is Self Leadership? And how can it help us live and communicate more courageously? Telana Simpson asked Andrew Bryant, a thought leader and best selling author on the subject of Self Leadership. They also discuss how and why we should develop our self leadership, and how it applies to speaking up, dealing with conflict and managing our fear of failure. Podcast: Audio: Video: About Andrew Bryant: Global Thought-Leader, Andrew Bryant, has been…

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Communicating Unwritten Ground Rules, with Steve Simpson

Podcast: How do we discuss something like a corporate culture? And in particular, in a way that we can improve that culture? Steve Simpson explains his concept of ‘Unwritten Ground Rules’ and how it gives leaders the language to develop the culture of their business, so that staff become more productive. Steve and Telana cover in particular how we have conversations that hold people accountable to improve their behaviour, and how to uncover the unwritten ground rules that govern that…

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