Conscious Communication and the Media, with Noy Pullen

How do we develop the the faculty of discernment and the ability to communicate consciously? Telana had a conversation that counts with Noy Pullen sitting alongside her fireplace in Cape Town.  They talk about the written word and media, including newspapers and magazines, and how we can notice the force behind the media we consume, and how it may trigger us and allow us to go within to develop our inner resources and take responsibility for our growth.  They also cover…

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Feeling free

Mike George on Emotions, Relationships & “I am” : Ep 10

What are emotions? And feelings? And why are we so triggered by relationships?  How do we use our emotions and relationships to understand ourselves more, and grow spiritually?  What does it mean to just be who we are, our authentic self?  To say “I am”?  These are the questions Telana poses to Mike George, the author of several books, who also plays the role of spiritual teacher, coach, management tutor, mentor and facilitator. Podcast: Audio: Video: About Mike George: Mike…

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Finding Yourself in Prison, with Karina Andersen : Ep 3

We’re all in some sort of prison. Being curious, non-judgemental, and listening and sharing stories of our lives and struggles, triumphs and challenges, we can be more open to opportunities to grow, and to contribute positively to those around us. Karina Anderson shares how she found more of herself from working with prisoners, and how the inmates are also finding themselves and reintegrating with society, impacting their communities positively. In Karina’s words: “I am exactly where I am meant to…

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A conversation with Paul Myburgh

The Space Between Us, with Paul Myburgh: Ep 2

A conversation with Paul Myburgh, who lived for seven years with the Bushmen, about communication and relationships in the context of spiritual growth.  We explored how the space between us is where we grow, and why we are so challenged from our relationships. What we can learn about relationship, from the nature of conversation amongst the first people, the Bushmen Allowing the wisdom of the world to come into the space between people The art of real listening, that has…

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