newspaper and our growthHow do we develop the the faculty of discernment and the ability to communicate consciously? Telana had a conversation that counts with Noy Pullen sitting alongside her fireplace in Cape Town.  They talk about the written word and media, including newspapers and magazines, and how we can notice the force behind the media we consume, and how it may trigger us and allow us to go within to develop our inner resources and take responsibility for our growth.  They also cover consciousness and creativity in this discussion around self reflection and self expression. Noy also shares a very practical self-coaching process and the usefulness of journaling.




About Noy Pullen:

From A sleep of prisoners
         by Christopher Fry

Noy PullenThank God our time is now when wrong
Comes up to face us everywhere,
Never to leave us till we take
The longest stride of soul we ever took.
Affairs are now soul size.
The enterprise
Is exploration into God.
Where are you making for? It takes
So many thousand years to wake,
But will you wake for pity’s sake!

Inspired by these words, Noy Pullen researches aspects of the human condition of our time.
a) The individual vs the group
b) The battle for our attention
c) The inner power of creativity
d) Consumerism – Obesity of body and soul

The question ‘Who am I?’ is being asked for the first time in the history of consciousness. Many young people no longer want a ‘job’ but rather want to engage in this changing consciousness, wishing to develop their inherent creative faculties and share their journey with others. They wish their endeavours to mean something more than a monthly payslip. They look for authenticity.

Through her research with young people Noy Pullen has detected patterns inherent in self-development e.g. ‘Practise’ i.e. rhythmical exercises. In her booklet Discovering Hope, Noy finds a common thread and knits the wisdom of some significant individuals of our time, Dr Elisabeth Kubler Ross, Byron Katie and Dr Rudolf Steiner, into a simple effective ‘gymnasium of the soul’. These basic techniques can strengthen us when we are catapulted over the outer threshold into a global perspective and on the other hand guide us so we can cross our inner threshold consciously to discover what lives in our individual soul world.

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