Emily Vining is part of a diverse team of the social enterprise Lumkani making a social impact through the development of fire detection technology. Her role is to talk with the communities who use their technology, and by building relationships with them, ensure that they meet the needs and preferences of the end users of their device. Telana explores with her the skills, especially listening, that she uses to build these relationships, and the mindset that allows her to be so effective.

For more information about Lumkani, see this Let’s Talk Possibility podcast episode with Emily.




About Emily Vining:

Relationship BuilderEmily Vining is a founder and a director of Lumkani, a social enterprise and technology company based in Cape Town. Lumkani’s mission is to radically reduce the destruction and pain caused by shack fires in informal settlements  across South African and the Global South. She is one of a committed team of six people.

Emily is driven to co-create design process that is participatory and user-centric. Emily works at building relationships with the end-users of Lumkani’s technology to ensure that their technology solutions are aligned to the preferences of the people who use it. She believes in listening to people.

Contact and Info:

Cell: 072 482 4029
Email: emily at lumkani dot com
Website: www.lumkani.com
Facebook: facebook.com/Lumkani
Twitter: @lumkanifire