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How do you find having tough conversations?  The difficult ones, that you know you need to have but you fear them or just don’t know where to start?

Not having these conversations can mean you miss out on that promotion, you lose a friend from a misunderstanding, you don’t ask that person out who could be the love of your life.

Having more of these courageous conversations can help you shine at work, develop your personal brand, deal with conflicts in a constructive positive way, and improve your personal relationship skills.

I share in my guide seven of my top tips on how to have more of these important conversations and have them more courageously, confidently AND effectively.

The tips cover the mindset to adopt and how to have difficult conversations, plus I share some tools you can use straight away, and extra resources to support you.

You’ll feel more confident in having more courageous conversations, and can boldly and bravely start having them.

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