Tony Budden is trailblazing! He is pioneering the Hemp industry, and following on from his chat with Telana and the team at Let’s Talk Possibility about industrial hemp, Telana hears from Tony the latest news about bringing hemp to South Africa, and the world, and also explores the skills he has personally developed to be the trailblazer he is. They cover, amongst other things:

  • talking from the heart,
  • listening,
  • adjusting your message to different audiences,
  • and being authentic and congruent with your message.

Learn more about Hemp and it’s many wonderful and beneficial uses here:
Can we live on the two plants Hemp and Moringa? : Lets Talk Possibility Episode 62

Tony Budden’s recommended videos about Hemp:




About Tony Budden:

Trailblazer in the Hemp IndustryTony speaks on Industrial Hemp and its applications in Africa. Tony is a partner in Hemporium , South Africa’s premier hemp company . Hemporium aims to educate people about the industrial hemp plant and its multitude of uses by providing an array of products made from this versatile plant. He is also involved in environmental issue awareness, and hopes to play a part implementing in the changes necessary to correct the ecological balance of our planet.

Contact and Info:

Website: Hemporium
Facebook: HemporiumSA
YouTube:  YouTube Channel