How to have difficult conversations with Children : Episode 16

How to broach tricky subjects with children

There are certain meaningful and important conversations that we need to have with children, but often the tricky and difficult conversations are not had, as we find them so uncomfortable to explore.  

Rod and Kate Power share some ideas on how to talk with children about sensitive topics, like how to protect their private parts, in an attempt to empower children against sexual abuse.  They have created a useful tool (a book called “My Underpants Rule”) to help parents have this uncomfortable conversation in an engaging and empowering way, helping both parents and children.  

Among other tips, they talk with Telana about:

  • developing trust,
  • giving children permission to talk up when they are violated,
  • the importance of listening to children and
  • tips on how to handle the situation with a child if you suspect abuse.

(For more detailed information on the book “My Underpants Rule” see the Let’s Talk Possibility show about it here.




Accelerated Learning ExpertAbout Rod Power

Rod’s skills in leadership, education and training were honed in the corporate world, which most recently saw him running a multinational business. He has left that behind to focus on making the world safer for children. His expertise in effective learning and talent for ridiculous rhyme bring My Underpants RULE! to life.

About Kate Power

x-Police Officer & AuthorKate is a mother of three young children. She was a Police Officer from 1992 to 2011, where she saw some of the worst sides of life. By far the most disturbing were incidences involving harm to children. A magic illustrator, her experience coupled with studies in Criminology, Psychology and Teaching form the foundation for My Underpants RULE!

Contact and Info

Facebook: myunderpantsrule
Twitter: @underpantsrule

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