Mandy Young is an Eco-Psychotherapist who, for the last thirty years, has been taking journeys into the wild, with people of all ages, towards good mental health and great relationships.

She shares with Telana some of the personal life insights she has gained from the many years she has been studying the social behavior of different animal species, and how by observing them we can learn the principles of behaving and relating that we might have lost and need to remind ourselves of.




About Mandy Young:

Eco-PsychologistI am a Psychotherapist with thirty years of experience taking a journey with people of all ages towards good mental health and great relationships. My specific expertise has been in the areas of Divorce, Loss and Bereavement, advanced Parenting Skills and Play Therapy with children. I have worked with two medical teams, one helping Amputees rehabilitate back into life and currently with a medical team assisting those dealing with cancer.

Over the last two decades I have spent time with wild animals with social behavior – elephants, wild dogs, meerkats, white lions and mountain gorillas, with tribal people – the Bushmen and I have enjoyed swimming with wild dolphins. The consequence has been an understanding that good mental health and environmental sustainability go hand in hand. As we have moved away from living as small clans and communities with a healthy respect for our interdependence with nature we have developed lifestyles and business models that are alienating, competitive and stressful. Nature Calls Adventures and Healing Power of Dolphin Experiences are about Personal Development African Bush Style, Tribal Style or through Dolphin-Human Interaction . In these Experiences and Adventures an amazing holiday in Southern and Eastern Africa and in Mozambique is transformed into something life changing for those who are serious about personal healing, breakthrough or dreaming again.

Current Virtual and Actual Dolphin-Human Interaction Research that hypothesizes that certain groups of people interacting with wild, free-swimming dolphins will experience healing that results in an Emotional and Ecological Intelligence that will have Conservationary outcomes for the Protection of the Dolphins. The specific groups of people who will participate in this research are:

  • Those dealing with Depression
  • Those facing Cancer
  • Amputees with Phantom Pain
  • Divorcees and those dealing with Bereavement
  • Children with Cognitive Delays and their Families
  • Children diagnosed as Attention Deficit Disordered and their Families

Nature Calls Adventures with Mandy Young

Nature Calls Adventures and Healing Power of Dolphin Experiences are for those who want to make a significant and meaningful contribution into their own lives as well as the lives of all those they touch. Thus healing yourself results in healing the world.

I write and speak prolifically and whenever I can. The journey I have been on is not just for me but for all those who chose to be Wild Men or Wild Women, adults who want to return to their roots and a healthy way of living, using all their senses and their intuition.

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Photo of Elephants courtesy of Charlton Simpson