The key to talking about money, especially with a partner in life or business, is to remember the importance of the topic, and that it is a journey. Nigel Willmott shares from his decades of experience as a financial planner, and more recently as a money coach, some exercises and ways to have crucial conversations around money with those close to us, including our children. He also unpacks the emotions around money, our money DNA, money memories and the benefits of having money talks.




About Nigel Willmott:

My multi-faceted career in financial services spans over three decades. I have worked in both group and personal financial planning environments. I have extensive employee
benefit consulting experience and more recently, over the past four years, I have specialised as an independent personal financial planner.

Nigel Willmott

I am particularly passionate about empowering the consumer with key, essential, personal “money skills”. Financial education, coaching and counselling, in tandem with financial planning advice, is the key to lasting financial freedom.

I am a seasoned corporate leader to executive director level and more recently, as an entrepreneur, started my own successful independent financial planning practice from the ground up. This was a rewarding, enriching, life and business experience that provided me with unique insights into the world of the “self-starter”.

I am an accomplished public speaker, writer and contributor on an array of personal and business financial planning topics with close on a hundred published articles.

My aim is to make financial planning more understandable, accessible, inclusive and
tangible, something that the client can experience and appreciate. Financial planning should be accessible to all.

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