How your word choice effects your motivation

By |Dec 18th, 2014|Articles|

Written by Telana Simpson “I can’t” or “I won’t”- It’s your choice, so you decide. Because your choice of language influences your experience of life. The actual words you use when you talk can create a state and a perception of reality that will result in you experiencing life in a certain way. If you don’t believe me, then try this little exercise: […]

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The Biology of Emotions

By |Jan 18th, 2014|Articles|

This clip from the movie “What the Bleep do we know” explains simply, with effective cartoons, how our emotions create chemical reactions in our cells, which is the biology bit. What we think / feel has an effect on the body, and what’s going on in the body has an effect on our mind.  This will help you develop more emotional intelligence. […]

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