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MM’s Testimonial

By |Aug 21st, 2012|Testimonials|

"A way to revive and relive moments when you were powerful, inspired and speechless with your own abilities [...]

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Anonymous Testimonial

By |Aug 21st, 2012|Testimonials|

"This has changed my view of who I am in relation to other people and the world.  It [...]

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Cindy Pillay’s testimonial

By |Aug 21st, 2012|Testimonials|

"I had an aha moment between differentiating being and doing.  I have spent most of my life doing [...]

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Testimonial from M.V.

By |Apr 27th, 2012|Testimonials|

"Once you have figured out what type of person a person is, it helps with managing the situation." [...]

Nikki’s Testimonial

By |Apr 27th, 2012|Testimonials|

"I understand a little that no two people are the same, and that some people just need to [...]

G.C.’s Testimonial

By |Apr 27th, 2012|Testimonials|

"I learnt how to develop and maintain rapport with different people and communication on the same level as [...]

M.V.’s Testimonial

By |Apr 27th, 2012|Testimonials|

"I believe you must never judge a person, as you do not know what their past experiences were [...]

Nikki Lala’s Testimonial

By |Apr 27th, 2012|Testimonials|

"I found that I can now understand people differently, to accept certain things without getting annoyed. I've learnt [...]

G.C. Bookkeeper’s Testimonial

By |Apr 27th, 2012|Testimonials|

"I found the session on basic communication very informative, I learnt how people’s filters work." - G.C. Bookkeeper Testimonial [...]

Suzanne Jefferies’ Testimonial

By |Apr 27th, 2012|Testimonials|

“Accessing Personal Power is a concise, well-presented course that allows participants to develop their own potential and fast. [...]

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