How and Why to ask Tough and Courageous Questions as Sales People

By |May 19th, 2015|Articles|

By Clive Price Salespeople are too NICE Today I am going to hammer home the fact that salespeople are too nice, too polite, too accommodating and consequently do not close enough deals that are ripe for the plucking. The name ‘Sales Person’ is a misnomer and not descriptive of the role we should be playing.  We are a lot more than that and need to understand the economy and how it is affecting our customer. We must be familiar with their Market Sector, their Competition, their Business Plans and Marketing Strategies. And at times, we need to be a ‘shrink’ and a shoulder to cry on. Today’s Buyers are tough and uncompromising.  We invest time and money learning about effective Sales Techniques and very little time in understanding the Buyers selection process.  What turns them on, what makes them tick, are they in the evaluation stage and shopping around or are they ready to buy? We avoid asking them, that’s not polite! […]