Self esteem, self confidence and the difference

By |Jun 27th, 2013|Articles|

Written by: Paballo Mosiane I was the notoriously quiet child in preschool. With all the snotty-nosed, dough-eating, hyperactive kids bouncing off the walls all around me, my first attempt at socialising with my peers turned out to be a frightening experience. My reserved and timid nature saw me through my milk teeth all the way through to puberty. Of course when hormones were added to the mix, it was Armageddon! I found myself choking on the feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy every time I walked down those passageways in high school. My confidence would improve with time, but I would still find myself contemplating my worth in this world filled with people I loathed because they always looked so ‘well put-together’. […]