Affirmations don’t work

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So you have your affirmation written out. It’s maybe even typed up and printed, and stuck on your bathroom mirror, in your wallet, in your diary, on your pc and inside your cupboard door. You spent a few days saying it over and over to yourself, and eventually you notice that the words on the paper have lost their appeal and become part of the background of what ever else you are focusing on. You’re left with the feeling that affirmations don’t work. Well I agree – affirmations don’t work. On the other hand, Well Formed Affirmations do work. […]

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The Power and Fear of Asking

By |Jul 15th, 2013|Articles|

Written by Telana Simpson “If we’re not vocalising what we want, then how sincere are we about what we want?” Philén questioned. Philén Naidu had learnt the power of his voice and asking for what he wanted during his 5 years walking around deep rural Zambia. He had a question and followed his heart, and found himself on an adventure packed with life lessons and learnings. […]

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