How and why to communicate in chunks

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Written by Telana Simpson Frames of Mind– Part 1 Every person you meet today, who you engage with in conversation, who you try to influence or who tries to influence you in some way, is operating from some frame of mind. It is this frame of mind that is behind or above the actual words that they are using. It is this frame of mind that determines their perspective; that determines what they value, their style of thinking and feeling, and pattern for choosing and behaving. All of which we experience through how that person communicates with us. I’d like to share with you some frames of mind that are most common, especially in the workplace, and that effect communication. […]

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The Art of Listening

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There is a difference between listening to reply, and real listening which hears and acknowledges the other person, and has a spirituality to it. Paul Myburgh shares his view on the art of real listening in this short podcast. […]

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TALK: Effective Communication

By |Mar 18th, 2014|Articles|

Do you want to develop your communication with others, especially in personal relationships? Do you need to improve your interpersonal skills? At this talk, we’ll be exploring the foundation of effective communication and a practical model that will help you simplify the complexity of communication.  And more importantly, how to apply all these aspects to your own life, personally and professionally. This talk will raise your awareness to avoid misunderstandings and uncover hidden assumptions. It will help significantly with how you communicate and thus interact with other people. […]

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Naked Leadership

By |Jun 17th, 2013|Articles|

Written by Telana Simpson The tweet read: “It’s no use using the same road, you never learn much”. The four of us were squashed in the back of the van: a journalist, an architect, a coach and blogger, and an elder, with the film crew driving us down a bumpy dirt road in rural Zambia on our way to our next location, Chief Shakumbila’s Palace. […]

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Responsibility of Communication

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Written by Telana Simpson The meaning of your communication is the response you get. This must be one of the most empowering presuppositions I have come across in the wealth of information available about communicating. It’s an idea that when taken on board, leaves you in a place of choice, feeling empowered and able to take responsibility for your communicating. […]

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Communication Tip: Listen more

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In trying to get our message across, we need to not talk so much, and rather listen more.  When we listen to really hear what the other person is saying, we get to know more about their message, and they get to feel heard. And when the person we are talking to really feels like we are listening, it goes a long way to better understanding and building the relationship. […]

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Which levels of Change are you ready for?

By |Oct 30th, 2012|Articles|

Written by Telana Simpson If you have that uneasy feeling, that something just is not right, and that a change is needed, then the question to ask yourself is: What kind of change do I need, and am I ready for that change now? […]

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The Truth about Yourself

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How relationships teach us about us By Telana Simpson Relationships. We can’t live with them, or without them.  We are always in relationship- just how we define the type of relationship or categorise it, is what changes.  Single. Married. Friend. Colleague. Boss. Ex. Stranger… […]

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Do you have any of these symptoms or experiences?

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To know if Telana Simpson is the right person for you to work with, look over the following lists of symptoms or experiences, and signs. These are indicators that Telana might be a good fit as a partner on your journey of personal development. […]

Graeme Butchart’s Testimonial

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"Last night I attended a talk at the Gauteng branch of COMENSA - coaches, mentors and trainers. Telana [...]

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