Robert Farndell’s Testimonial

By |Apr 30th, 2012|Testimonials|

"I found Telana's talk on communication to be a useful reminder of what I have learned as an [...]

Dan Puente’s Testimonial

By |Apr 27th, 2012|Testimonials|

"It's empowering to notice and understand the power of one's background and patterning. The openness and passion in [...]

Rohin Gosling’s testimonial

By |Apr 27th, 2012|Testimonials|

"I was reminded of my ability to project constructive emotions. It re-iterated anchoring skills learned while being coached. [...]

Carol’s testimonial

By |Apr 27th, 2012|Testimonials|

“The logic behind the frameworks has been enlightening. Understanding how my reactions effect others was something listed as [...]

Ulrike Schottler’s testimonial

By |Apr 27th, 2012|Testimonials|

“The course was like adding new value and knowledge to my life. Good practice time to use all [...]

SS’s testimonial

By |Apr 27th, 2012|Testimonials|

“Very impressed with this investment. I believe this should become a necessity to every company. Old school body [...]

Testimonial from Anonymous

By |Apr 27th, 2012|Testimonials|

"I really enjoyed the course (Communication Excellence) and found that it was extremely well presented. Telana was great [...]

Sundra Moonsamy’s testimonial

By |Apr 27th, 2012|Testimonials|

"This course (Communication Excellence) is excellent ad give us detail insight on communication. It should be included when [...]

Inner Coaching’s Style of Coaching

By |Mar 9th, 2012|Articles|

The Methodology of Coaching used by Inner Coaching is Meta-Coaching™ – a cutting edge coach technology which brings together the very best from the cognitive-behavioural sciencefields of Neuro-Semantics® (NS), Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP) and from the field of Coaching. […]

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