To know if Telana Simpson is the right person for you to work with, look over the following lists of symptoms or experiences, and signs. These are indicators that Telana might be a good fit as a partner on your journey of personal development.

In relation to yourself and your communication abilities, do you:

  • Feel self conscious?
  • Find yourself timid and nervous in conversations with others, or meeting someone new?
  • Take a long time to reach decisions and lack firmness in your decisions?
  • Find it difficult to express your opinions? Or even fearful?
  • Have the habit of avoiding certain people, topics or issues rather than facing them?
  • Tend to just agree with others to avoid conflict?
  • Feel like you have an inferiority complex? (which might be demonstrated by at times find yourself showing self-approval through what you say or do, as a means to cover up a feeling of less worth; doing things to impress others; imitating others in the way they talk or dress, boasting of made-up accomplishments)
  • Care what others think or say about you, to the point that it holds you back?
  • Lack initiative and ambition?
  • Fail to take full advantage of opportunities to advance yourself?
  • Lack confidence in your own ideas?
  • Give evasive, unclear answers when asked a question by a superior?
  • Hesitate to the point that you miss out?
  • Label yourself as mentally and physically lazy?
  • Think you are easily influenced by others, to your detriment?

Would you like to:

  • Be more assertive?
  • Be able to say what is on your mind, share your ideas and opinions and even enjoy doing so?
  • Stand up for yourself?
  • Develop the capacity for deep and meaningful relationships?
  • Experience a freedom and openness in attitudes and dealings with others?
  • Talk in front of groups of people, or in meetings or even one-on-one with ease and confidence?
  • Not take things so personally, and rather be able to participate in debates and heated discussions such that you feel you can make a contribution and also learn from others?

In your life, do you feel diminished, and are you ready to do something about it? Are you experiencing the following symptoms or experiences?

  • operating at a fraction of your capacity
  • defaulting on self actualisation
  • shrinking from being the real you
  • undermining and dampening your real aspirations
  • draining off your energy in unrewarding areas
  • disintegrating into fatigue and depression
  • achieving only a small fraction of your potential intelligence, potential love, potential life
  • feel stuck in the game of blaming, accusing, complaining, whining
  • indifferent, expressed through your lack of ambition and your acceptance of whatever life is offering you without any protest
  • mentally and physically lazy
  • lack imagination, enthusiasm, self-control and discipline
  • don’t take initiative
  • indecisive, possibly even allowing others to do your thinking for you
  • doubtful, and have all the excuses to explain, apologise for or cover up areas of your life where you feel a failure, sometimes even criticising and feeling jealous of others who are successful
  • worry a lot, and can easily find fault with others
  • neglectful of your own personal affairs, lack self-reliance
  • feel nervous and self-conscious a lot
  • over cautious, and tend to wait for the right time to take action, and now this is a habit
  • pessimistic, with the habit of only looking for the negatives, what won’t work, and not finding the means of succeeding, seeing only those who have failed, dismissing those who have succeeded
  • are a procrastinator of note, you put things off, come up with excuses as to why you haven’t or can’t do something
  • refuse to taking responsibility when it is possible to avoid
  • compromise with setbacks rather than using them as stepping stones to progress
  • lack a definiteness of purpose and direction, feel you don’t have or can’t find meaning in your work or life

Would you like:

  • an inner directedness, a knowing about who you are and where you are going
  • to tolerate and manage uncertainty more
  • to accept yourself and others
  • the capacity for more intense, deep and meaningful relationships
  • to be more spontaneous and creative, more unrestricted and uncensored by yourself, in your expressions (verbally, creatively, sexually, physically etc)
  • to be more real, more authentic, feel congruent
  • to walk your talk, take actions, make things happen in your life
  • to develop a more efficient, healthy, robust, empowering perception of reality
  • experience more peak or “in the flow” experiences more frequently

Here are some possible journeys of self exploration to look into with our coach, Telana Simpson:

  • Coaching for Excellence programmes to develop holistically, spiritually, relationally, intentionally, and personally, focusing on:
    • communication challenges
    • entrepreneurial pursuits
  • An alternative, complimentary and holistic approach to health management for auto-immune illnesses through personal coaching
  • Communication Excellence Training to understand the complexity of communication with the aim to master your communication, relationship and influencing abilities
  • Entrepreneur Circles: support and facilitation for entrepreneurs and creators to develop personally and professionally, to find their unique flare and expression
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