My clients share their views with me often.  Here I asked them to describe their experiences and what they gained. Here is what they said:

How clients describe their experience with Inner Coaching:

  • “Coaching was very liberating. I got to discover how my frames were perpetuating certain thoughts/fears/beliefs. I got to change/develop them in a positive way.”
  • “It was an eye-opener. I got to understand the authority I have over my life and the decisions I make.”
  • “A fantastic, great, discovering journey with a lot of highs and new energy. I feel empowered and revitalised.”
  • “It was a journey of self discovery that opened my mind.”
  • “Emotional, enlightening, invaluable.”
  • “It was quite challenging to establish what the issues were and how to go about resolving them but Telana’s enthusiasm made it a very satisfying, fun and ultimately successful experience.”
  • “An absolutely ground breaking method of drawing out the best and challenge weak area of myself. Allowing me to achieve my full potential and at the same time giving me the ability to check up on myself constantly without supervision.”
  • “Live changing. The Neuro-Semantic model in itself is astounding and Inner Coaching definitely does it justice by introducing the right mix of personal & intimate delivery, facilitation & academic teachings, making it relevant, understandable & highly practical, with the use of real-life scenarios.”
  • “I admit to a high degree of pessimism initially – as a philosopher, lawyer and an educator myself, I neither believed that I “needed work” nor that personal coaching was much more than a collection of colloquial catch-phrases. To my surprise it was much more than that! It allowed me to realise other centres of strength in my personality and as a result I purchased my first home, with which decision I am extremely happy.”
  • “I personally gained far more from each session than I expected. I found the resources provided excellent and found I was able to easily integrate them into day to day life. As we progressed through each session I enjoyed and became aware of, my ability to build on previously integrated tools. The quiet time to reflect on myself was invaluable.”
  • “It was a life-changing experience that I do not regret going through. I learnt so many things about myself that I was not aware of. It also taught me the importance of planning and actually implementing the plans.”

What clients say they have gained from their Inner Coaching experience:

  • “I embraced that I am 100% esteemed by virtue of existing. I got a good grip on what my self-esteem looks like.”
  • “I got to know my values, my passions and my life mission/purpose.”
  • “A new found passion which has lead to more structure, excitement, and new challenges.”
  • “Interpersonal skills that improved my interaction with people both in a work and private context.”
  • “Huge leap in building relationships, confidence, self understanding.”
  • “Increased confidence in my skills, and ability at work and socially. A greater understanding of myself and enthusiasm for life. Motivation and methods of motivation to do all the things I want to do with my life and find more.”
  • “Gained knowledge of self and insight to true efficiency. Learned to be a better listener and improve myself as a person.”
  • “An understanding of how my state-of-mind affects my state of being and physical behaviour. Greater awareness of my own paradigms. Clearly defined direction and how to convert that sense of knowing, into action. Programming my brain to support my strengths and supplement my weaknesses.”
  • “How to keep my own thoughts in perspective while still being considerate of others opinions. “
  • “The ability to view financial decisions from a positive perspective and not merely as taking on further debts. I also learned to listen to my instincts and not negative voices when making important financial decisions in my life. Risk breeds reward.”
  • “A structured framework for managing personal goals and the ability to assess for myself when issues arise on how I might overcome them.”
  • “Personal growth.”
  • “I had a vague feeling that my work life was not working for me, and that I wanted to make different work choices for the next 10 to 20 years of my life. Through the disciplined and systematic approach of coaching I was able to understand and clarify what was not working, why it was not working, and to identify the directions I did want to move in. I didn’t expect this direction, which became evident through the process, so that was a welcome bonus.”