“Last night I attended a talk at the Gauteng branch of COMENSA – coaches, mentors and trainers. Telana Simpson had been invited to share with the guests and members her understanding of ‘communication’.

Presenting to 20 or more knowledgeable professionals, whose core business is centred on communication, requires courage.

It also requires an understanding, that there is an extremely fine line, between providing insight and being patronising. Telana danced with skilful courage between these.

Always mindful that her audience was attentive and tuning in to her next point and conscious of the level of resident knowledge.  She successful dogged of couple of tried sexist comments about women.

Delivering a number of key points and offering practical advice on a complex and shifting subject.

To me Telana successfully communicated.”

– Graeme Butchart

Testimonial about the Complexities of Communication Keynote Talk