Guidelines for Choosing a Coach or a Coaching Programme

By |Apr 25th, 2012|Articles|

The developers of Meta-Coaching wrote some guidelines to assist when looking to hire a coach. If you are ready to get a Coach, what qualities do you look for in a great Coach? What should you be looking for in a Coaching program? How will you know you have found the best Coach and Coaching program for you?  […]

Is my Coach-ability high enough?

By |Mar 9th, 2012|Articles|

Coach-ability has to do with the ability to receive coaching and to use coaching for discovery, awareness, change and improvement. If a person does not have high enough coach-ability, this prevents that person from being ready for and receptive to coaching. Instead they may need  […]

Am I ready for Coaching?

By |Mar 9th, 2012|Articles|

Coaching might be for you if you want to step up, into your power and take responsibility for your own actualisation, for actualising of your best. This means that you feel you are ready to and really want to: develop unconditional self esteem, value and worth get on with things, to look for what needs to be done and do it […]

Inner Coaching’s Style of Coaching

By |Mar 9th, 2012|Articles|

The Methodology of Coaching used by Inner Coaching is Meta-Coaching™ – a cutting edge coach technology which brings together the very best from the cognitive-behavioural sciencefields of Neuro-Semantics® (NS), Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP) and from the field of Coaching. […]

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