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Public Speaking Skills that Shine under Pressure

By |Sep 17th, 2018|Articles|

By Telana Simpson The Scenario What would you do if you found yourself in the following situation? You’re [...]

Case Study of our Live Coaching Programme

By |Jun 18th, 2015|Articles, case studies|

M.R. is a Sales Manager for a large organization, and is a mother of three, studying for her MBA and driven to advance her career towards becoming COO. Yet she knew that she would need to grow in a few areas and develop her communication skills to achieve her ultimate goals. She experienced a fear of confrontation, and so steered away from asserting herself or speaking up, and found that others walked over her and she battled to get her team’s buy-in and get them on board to her sales strategy. […]

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Experience “experience” to change your life

By |Nov 17th, 2013|Articles|

Written by Telana Simpson “And… Action!” A movie only starts to become real when the word “action” is shouted and everything moves into motion. The actors start the dialogue, the special effects guys add the puff of smoke, the lighting crew adjust the lights as necessary, and the camera people zoom in their lenses. What results is the final product and end goal of recording a piece of entertainment that we get to enjoy. […]

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