Being Human

By |Nov 21st, 2021|Articles|

"I wonder if the sun debates dawn some mornings, not wanting to rise out of bed from under [...]

Dare to Fly

By |Nov 12th, 2021|Articles, Home|

Happy Friday! And here’s our #FFF (Failure Feedback Friday's) musings for today: “Oh, welcome back [Fear]. Thanks for [...]

Aristotle’s Courage

By |Nov 10th, 2021|Articles, Home|

Did you know that Aristotle had a lot to say about courage? He does a most extensive analysis [...]

Fear and Courage, according to Maslow

By |Nov 6th, 2021|Articles, Home|

Maslow who is famous for his self-actualisation model, also mentions courage in relation to growth and safety needs. [...]

Growth or Safety. What is your need?

By |Nov 2nd, 2021|Articles, Home|

Growth vs. Safety Needs I recently came across an insightful paper by Nelson Goud about courage, and his [...]

Defining success and failure

By |Oct 30th, 2021|Articles, Home|

What definition of success and failure do you currently live by? How we define these terms will influence [...]

Purpose and Courage

By |Oct 27th, 2021|Articles, Home|

Having a sense of purpose, a big WHY for what we do, can help us face a difficult [...]

Purpose Driven Courage

By |Sep 30th, 2021|Articles, Home|

Purpose Driven Courage | 2 Part Workshop Dates: Part 1 on Tuesday 5 October & Part 2 on [...]

Overcome Imposter Syndrome

By |Sep 29th, 2021|Articles, Home|

Overcome Imposter Syndrome | 7 Session Course Dates: Thursday nights, starting 9 June 2022 Time: 19h00  (first 2 [...]

How to stop avoiding the camera

By |Sep 16th, 2021|Articles, Home|

Scared to put yourself in front of the Camera?  Yet you know you need to, because it’s part [...]

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