Courage and funny misunderstandings

By |Mar 12th, 2021|Articles|

#FFF and Friday Funnies! Misunderstandings can be quite funny, or quite dire! Like in this clip of a [...]

Defining Integrity

By |Mar 8th, 2021|Articles|

To have difficult conversations, it helps to be stronger within ourselves. Our integrity is what builds this strength, [...]

If we’re not failing, we’re not learning

By |Mar 5th, 2021|Articles|

It’s #FFF time! I recall a failure I had, a big lesson related to a tip in my [...]

Perception of Reality

By |Mar 1st, 2021|Articles|

We each have a unique view of reality, and that view can also be called our perception. Each [...]

Inside-Out Approach

By |Feb 22nd, 2021|Articles|

Sustainable personal developments starts from the inside, with aspects like our beliefs, thinking styles, past memories and emotions. [...]

Defining Gumption

By |Feb 20th, 2021|Articles|

I came across this word in a wonderful movie “The holiday” – but more about that in a [...]

Introducing #FFF = Failure Feedback Friday’s

By |Feb 18th, 2021|Articles|

When I first studied Meta-Coaching, my trainers Michelle Duval and Dr Hall introduced us to some gestures that [...]

Fear, Courage and Love

By |Feb 16th, 2021|Articles|

Reading this article, there is an interesting intersection of these three aspects of our emotional landscape, being our [...]

So what is courage?

By |Feb 4th, 2021|Articles|

A starting place for our mission to be more courageous, is to understand courage. And to start to [...]

The Self Conscious Entrepreneur

By |Jan 21st, 2021|Articles, Home|

I had a lovely chat with Thulisile of Future Females Johannesburg on Instagram live yesterday, entitled: "The Self [...]

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