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Testimonial from M.H.

By |Jul 22nd, 2019|Testimonials|

"You think you know the root of your fears for public speaking, whatever you think it is, it [...]

Public Speaking Skills that Shine under Pressure

By |Sep 17th, 2018|Articles|

By Telana Simpson The Scenario What would you do if you found yourself in the following situation? You’re [...]

Case Study of overcoming fear of Public Speaking

By |Jan 28th, 2015|Articles, case studies|

When I met my client KW, a successful entrepreneur, businessman and father, he did presentations and public speaking as an important part of his new venture. He always felt very nervous, concerned about what he was going to say, if his message would come across okay, and if the audience would respond. He had a fear of public speaking. Through the coaching, we uncovered that the underlying feeling and frame of mind for KW was that he felt he had to prove himself. If the talk failed then he was a failure and not good enough. Thus he put huge pressure on himself and this was evident in the level of anxiety and nervousness he experienced before any event. […]

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