“You think you know the root of your fears for public speaking, whatever you think it is, it is due to the meanings that we create. Without a deep understanding of the impact of the movies we create in our minds, we can never break free. Through Inner coaching with Telana, I manage to move forward in my academic career.

The coaching was personal and helped me with self-introspection as it interrogated the source of my fears with an aim to correct the incorrect frames that made me feel inferior amongst my colleagues.

It helped me to understand the source of my nervousness for speaking out in meetings and in front of an audience. I learned techniques that I can use to overcome this fear such as understanding that my self-esteem does not change and that I will gain confidence from doing more of the speaking out and public speaking. I learned a lot about my strengths, skills and talents that I should be proud of instead of undermining myself. I also learned to how to express myself better in conflicts, to initiate and keep conversations with people I want to network with.”

M.H. Research Coordinator, University of Cape Town

April 2018
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