Here’s an excerpt from my article which was published on the blog, in March 2019, where the focus was around communication and negotiating skills.

How and why to pause when negotiating or confronting

Two of the high-level skills that we can develop as business owners and entrepreneurs, is around how to have ‘Positive Confrontations’ and how to negotiate effectively.

Many of the skills related to negotiating also relate to conflict resolution, as both forms of communication are intending to come to some resolution for all involved, that is acceptable to all parties.


Yet in the instant gratification mode of today’s world, we want answers right away and often push others and ourselves to get to the end point prematurely.

When we want to resolve something effectively, it’s is important to remember that we are probably ready to discuss the issue, and so we expect and wish to complete the conversation and have a resolution there and then.

Yet the person we are approaching is likely to not be in the same place as us.

It is similar with negotiation…

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