Tired of the same old same old? Feel like you live in the rat race, and just do the same thing all the time? And that time is flying by and you’re not going anywhere fast?

  • Would you like to feel you are living more of a life of purpose?
  • Where you have a sense of direction?
  • Know where you want to go and are taking steps towards that?
  • Where you live intentionally?
  • Jumping out of bed every morning with enthusiasm for the day ahead as you know what you want to do?

Sign up for my three week course (of several steps in the journey) about how to find direction and purpose in your life.

It  will help you get an exciting sense of direction for your life. And come out with a strategy and action plan for starting to make it real.

We’ll cover:

  • Your life purpose “Flavour Statement”
  • Your Intentions
  • Make some Decisions
  • Develop a Strategy
  • Have your Action List for the day or week ahead to get you living a more meaningful life

How this course is delivered:

  • You’ll get seven steps to take in your online journey.
  • The steps will be staggered over three weeks, giving you time to do the short exercises in each one.
  • Work through them as I send them to you, or at your own pace.

So, shall we get going?