Overcoming the fear of failureExperiencing rejection is an intensely personal thing. Many negative emotional experiences often accompany it.

And it can lead us to stop being proactive, to disengage, and we can find ourselves just sitting behind our desks, appearing to work, but not being productive at all.

All because someone said no.

Telana, in this hour long keynote, shares ideas from the cognitive behavioural sciences and the latest research around the mindset that leads to shrinking from rejection, and its counter way of thinking, that leads to learning from rejection and getting right back out there, to continue playing big and being bold.

Learn how to reject rejection and overcome the fear of failure, and instead be unstoppable!

Keywords:  Mindset, fear of failure, rejection, sales, feedback, self worth, play big, be bold

Aimed at: Sales Teams, Executives, Managers, Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Pioneers, Business Owners, Public Speakers

Audiences of this keynote talk to date include:

  • GROW
  • The Peer Group
  • Songhai Corporate Travel


“Before your talk I found it hard to do cold calling due to the amount of rejection. I used to take rejection so personally that I sometimes couldn’t even continue making calls after what I considered a harsh rejection which impacted on my targets. After your talk, I have learned to brush rejection aside and carry on doing my job. It has given me so much confidence that I am now starting to double the number of cold calls I make in a week. I would definitely recommend your services to colleagues and friends.”

– Thulani Cele
Business Development Executive at Songhai Corporate Travel
April 2015